List view on project created from template doesn’t respect the fields shown and hidden in the template

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Project Template is not working. Due Date appears as a column which I don’t need to see as created my own version (Delivery Date) and Tags column is not appearing (have to unhide).

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Hi @Jo_Morris, sorry to hear that you are having trouble with templates. I believe this is the expected behavior since we can toggle on and off the fields via the Hide button, but I can certainly check with our Developers to confirm. When did you first notice this issue? Can you clarify if you were previously able to keep the exact fields hidden/visible in a project created from a template?

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It started happening last week. The whole point of bespoke templates is so we don’t waste time hiding and unhiding columns. Never had a problem till last week. The same can be said for archiving and unarchiving. This takes way to much time now. I’m finding Asana a lot less productive than it was. Too much tinkering.

Thank you for confirming, I’ve reached out to our Developers so they can take a look into this. Once I have any updates I’ll get back to you

I agree here; the list view of a project created from a template should honor the set of columns defined as visible/hidden in the template.

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Hi @Jo_Morris and @Phil_Seeman, our Developers have got back to me and confirmed that there seems to be a desync between the back end data and what the client actually shows. Unfortunately they are not able to share an ETA yet, but we can confirm that refreshing your page after a few seconds will show the correct fields.

I hope this helps, and as soon as I have more information I’ll let you know.


Was there a solution for this? I am having the same issue. I’m making templates for my team and I’d like all the fields to be consistent across all projects.