'Created by me' widget option for "Home"

In our program we use Asana to intake items from folks who often do not use Asana day to day. Their form submissions are “created” by them as they enter our board, however members of my team are “assigned” to work these submissions. That means that our customers often struggle with keeping track of their submission or being able to return to it from Asana itself unless there is a subtask assigned to them. Requiring them to use an outside note source or the notepad on the home area to create a link back to the submission. This does not help them adopt Asana for future use.

We can assign them a dummy task, but if they don’t understand and check it off they lose a way back to this work.

You recently launched a widget to keep track of work we assign to others in the “home” view, could you also add a widget to track tasks that were “created by” you?

This would be very helpful to onboard customer’s to Asana’s use and allow them to self service returning to the task to check for updates outside of emails and assignments. Especially if they have an off cycle update or important information/progress to report due to factors outside what we may have assigned them. Or in the case of users that mostly submit to boards across their business and do not create boards/tasks across the business – as these do not get added to “my tasks” even though they were created by the user.

In general Widgets that have as varied choices as filters would make “home” much more useable: “Assigned to me”, “I assigned to others”, “Created by me”, “I am a collaborator on”, “I recently commented on”, etc, would cover a lot of ways people use this amazing software. Especially if paired with the ability to do a date range (a simpler way than creating a full dashboard for more casual users in an organization).

I am so sorry. I titled this incorrectly :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :scream:
I meant to title it “Created by me” widget option for “home”… wow. that moment you proof read without seeing… if an admin on the forum felt generous and wanted to change that for me, I would be forever in your debt.

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I believe it was renamed :slight_smile:

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