create training videos with guest accounts - what's missing?

Hi… I’m working on creating Asana training for my org. I’ve created 3 guest accounts to use as my ‘users’ within the demos so I don’t use three paid licenses. I noticed the Workflow tab is missing, as is the ability to create Rules under the Customize button in a project. Does anyone know off the top of your head what else may be missing?

I may just need to demo Rules/Workflow as well as Outlook integration using my own account. I was just curious what else I may need to modify.


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Hello @Heather_Beaudoin

here is a great overview on the features only available from the premium plan upwards: List of Asana Premium features and benefits | Product guide • Asana

And here are the features only available from the business plan Learn about Asana Business features • Asana

So as you mentioned you won‘t be able to create or edit rules as a guest user, you also cannot create custom fields, dashboards/graphs, workload, forms and more

Does that help?

I’m afraid not. I believe we have the Enterprise plan.

But regardless, my question is about how I can see the Workflow tab and Rules as a full user, but our guest accounts cannot see either. I haven’t found where that’s documented, and I’m wondering what else our guest accounts don’t have access to that our full users do.

I saw that you linked to two pages telling me what our full users had on Premium and Business plans… that’s what I’m saying doesn’t seem relevant. But then you mention a sentence that includes that guests can use dashboards, but they can see dashboards. I’m just wondering if you have a solid list of what our guest users can’t do.

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Hi Heather,

You may find this page helpful: Working with Guests in an Organization • Asana

As explained here, guest accounts have limited access within your Workspace or Organization, even if you have an Enterprise plan. Additionally:

  • Guests cannot create or own Rules, but they can trigger Rules.
  • Guests cannot edit or create task templates.

See the What can a Guest in an Organization access? heading for additional specifics.

For the purpose of your demo, it might be preferable to have a couple paid users help you as testers. You could still utilize separate project(s) or team(s) exclusively for demo/testing purposes and assign them tasks therein, etc.

I hope that is helpful.

Here’s a full list made by the great Jerod What if a friend invited you to an Asana-themed amusement park as a Guest? 🎟 This tip highlights the rides you aren’t tall enough to ride! (Guest Restrictions)