Create task from template as an automation ACTION

It would be phenomenal if we could trigger the creation of a task from a task-template into a specific section of a project. Thank you.


Hello @Dan_G,

in case you are looking for this action to trigger from a form submission I also recommend upvoting here.

Now to achieve what you are looking for what you can do is set up a custom field with various options in the drop-down.

Depending on the option selected a rule triggers adding various subtasks.

Does this help?

I would also love this. I know the action can add subtasks, but I need to be able to set up dependencies as well.

I was also looking for a good way to do this. Specifically, I am looking for when a task in one project is complete for a new task to be created in a separate project using a task template.

Reasoning: We have a tracking board for monthly/quarterly onsite visits at customer sites. We then have a separate board for meetings generated by those onsite visits. It would be really cool if when an onsite visit task is completed in the onsite project, a new meeting task could be created in the meeting project.