Create Section Titles from Fields and Group by Quarters, Months, or Weeks?


We are moving from Airtable to Asana and I’m trying to recreate a type of view. Here’s what I want:

  • A field with a date (yes I can do this or create a custom field), but then be able to create sections based on that date so that I can easily see what is happening in a given time frame.

  • Be able to convert a date into quarters or months or weeks so that the Section names are created off of that.

Right now we manually create Sections with Quarters, but I want a task to automatically get bucketed in a section based on a date. Please note that we don’t have the create custom rule functionality.

Is it possible to achieve what I want? I’m attaching an image from Airtable that shows what I’m trying to achieve. It’s very easy there to group fields in views so that, for example, I can group by the Sprint Week date field. I realize that I can sort by a custom field, but then I just have a long list without the Section title reflecting how I’m grouping.

Hello @anon48746428,

if you are on Asana plan without the custom rule functionality I think this will be a bit tricky.
Because with custom fields you can just add the months and quarter and set up rules based on those.

I mean one way could be using the timeline view. You can Zoom on your Timeline and view it by Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Half-year, or Years.

Or you use report/dashboards to set up graphs for tasks in a specific timeframe. The graphs are click through.

I have also found this feedback request thread that I recommend upvoting: Ability to filter project board by month and quarter

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