Create project and create custom field permissions

Is it possible to prevent teammates from adding new custom fields to new projects? Here’s my use case:

  • We have two long-running projects (let’s call them A andB) where we want to limit the custom fields in use. Our plan is to limit the number of Project Admins, and keep most participants as Editors, so only a few people have the ability to add new custom fields.
  • We also have sprint projects that we create every two weeks using a template. The tickets in the sprint projects are multi-homed to the projects listed in the first bullet (A and B).

Is there a way to disallow adding new custom fields to the sprint projects that are created every two weeks?

Our goal is that the task view pane does not get overwhelmed with custom fields, when it pulls fields in from A, B, and sprints, by limiting who can add new fields to all three projects.


I think the only way to limit custom field creation in a project is for a member to not be Editor or Project Admin, and that’s probably not feasible in your case because Commenter access is not enough for your users to do other necessary work.



Thank you! This is the information I needed. Appreciate your help!

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Hi @Christy_Lutz , to add to @lpb 's comment above, in case you or others reading this are on an Enterprise tier, there are additional, more granular, permission settings at the project level where the Project Admin can limit other project members (editors) from editing anything in the Customize menu (including fields, rules, apps, forms task templates & bundles), as well as the colour and icon of the project, which they could have changed as Editors.

More info here:

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Thank you for this information, this helps! We are not currently on the Enterprise tier, so we’ll consider if this is the right next step for us. Appreciate it!

Hi @Christy_Lutz , happy to help!

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