Create offline users without invitation

Hi, I’m trying to set up Asana for my team, still as proof-of-concept.
Therefore, I’d like to add several users to a team without having to invite them, i.e., create offline users just to see if Asana would work for my team.
Is that possible? or do I need (forced) to always add users based on e-mails? if so, is there a way to make this silently, i.e., that they do not get notified or receive any e-mails from Asana?
Thanks, Jorge

@Jorge_Soares I have a gmail account , so I create “dummy” users. So if my email was , I set up the dummy account with Any emails just come to me and I can still have the user in Asana.

Hi @Doris_Barber , thanks for the advise.
I have also seen that by using Instagantt (together with Asana) I can create VU (virtual users). It is a nice workaround.

Best regards, Jorge