Create Multiple Asana Projects from One Template At Once

At my company, we run events and use an asana project template to duplicate tasks for each event we host. We end up creating 60-70 duplicates of the same project for each different city. I would love to have a way to duplicate this project multiple times at once and name them all and have it run in the background instead of having to click “duplicate” 60-70 times. Any tips or any chance to add this to asana?


You might be able to achieve this in an easier way with the Asana API, Zapier (or similar), Flowsana (@Phil_Seeman), or importing a CSV.

But I’d ask: Must these be projects? Sounds unwieldy. Could they work as tasks with subtasks? A custom field for City? It’s too much to try to answer in a thread like this (I do this as a consultant for clients), but if you’d consider tasks instead of projects, see:


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Hi Larry! I will look into some outside options!

We have up to 5 events running at one time and about 100-150 tasks per event split between 20 people which is why we opt for a project instead of a sub tasks. We use a project template for this and are able to create them based off the event date so that everyone does not need to put in individual dates by event. We also tend to use project view when we are in our season for events to make sure all tasks are done for a certain event if we’re overwhelmed by our tasks by due date which is why we focus on projects instead of sub tasks.

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It is always tempting to automate but to be honest creating 60 projects based on a template will take you about 5 minutes (5 seconds per project), if you split that between 5 team members that’s 1 minute of work each. Which is way more than what you’ll spend using Zapier or an equivalent :slight_smile: makes sense?

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