Create follow up tasks for a conversation

It would be nice to be able to create a follow up task over a conversation, so I can remember to check if someone has replied to it and, if not, ask for a reply ;). This could be very interesting, especially when working with external clients o collaborators (guest users).

Thanks, keep up the good work!


I wonder if the “Follow status update” function in conversations might be what you are looking for. Whenever there is an update to a specific conversation - and you have activated the follow function - you’ll get a notification in your inbox.

What do you think?

Cheers, Ulli

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Hi @Ulli! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I use this option, but I am talking about a task that helps me to detect if a conversation have been left without reply.

For example. Imagine that I create a conversation with a contractor asking his opinion about something. I want to be able to remember next Friday to check that conversation to see if he has replied and, if he has not, ask him again.

That is the main idea :slight_smile:.

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Here’s a workaround that might help a little:

Copy the URL of the conversation and paste it in a new task with a due date. At least this link will take you to the conversation you want to check on a specific date. It’s a bit complicated but it might help.



Yep, that’s what I’m doing, hehe. But I think it would be nice to have an option in the dropdown of the conversation (top-right corner).

Thanks for the tip!


Hi @alfonsomoure -

Have you tried the “Reminder Tasks from Inbox” hack? This hack allows you to create a follow up task directly from the inbox notification of the conversation post.

To enable the hack, click on your profile photo, select my profile settings, and navigate to the hacks tab.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Nicola,

Yes, I am also using the hack, but that doesn’t solve my request :slight_smile:. I need something like a “Put conversation to inbox if nobody responds”. Something like that.

I just want to remember the conversation if nobody responds to it, and to use the “Reminder task” for conversations I need the conversation to have a first response from a user to show up on my inbox :wink:.

Thank you for your tip!

This is a much needed feature! OUTSTANDING! Please make it permanent.

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This is an OUTSTANDING feature! I hope Asana makes it a permanent one.

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I totally agree to this feature request. In fact I made the very same request almost a year ago: Conversation reminders

I came here from @Francesco_Canovi’s post above. This would be a big help for me. I would like to have this both for Comments on tasks and for Conversations.

If the answer to a question I am asking a team member is important, I want to make sure I remember to follow up on it later. Communicating through email or through Slack both enable me to be sure I’ll follow up, because I can quickly add a reminder (e.g., through Gmail’s Snooze feature). A lot of the time I’ll switch from Asana to a different platform in order to get this feature. If I could get it in Asana, I could move a lot more of my intra-team communication into Asana itself, which would be wonderful.

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