Create Activity feed to Teams & Projects

6 years later…

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Its 1st of November and this is the first comment in 5 weeks. People still need this feature as evidenced here but lets not give up and so I’m sending them an email request to get this moving. We keep hitting this limitation often.


Nothing. I’ve never seen Asana seriously consider any user feedback here. They just follow their road based in their vision. No user request is considered. Fact.

Hi @Francesco_Canovi, thanks for the candid feedback. I can assure you that our team does consider the community feedback. I’m sorry to hear you don’t feel this way.

At Asana, our goal is to create a product that empowers our users and helps them work more efficiently. We are dedicated to making improvements based on user feedback, and we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our diverse user base. We do take user-voted requests seriously, and they play an important role in shaping the future of Asana. I recommend you checking this thread where we share more details: How you can give feedback and what we do next

You can also find all community requests that have been implemented in the :rocket: Features Launched category.

Thanks again for your feedback. If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m only a DM away!

Hey @Emily_Roman, I’m with @Francesco_Canovi on this one. It feels like most of our feedback in this community gets ignored, especially feature requests. I know well because I have been using Asana daily for over 10 years. For instance, we’ve been requesting this project Activity Feed for years. If an activity feed is not part of Asana’s roadmap, what’s Asana’s solution to viewing a list of the latest activity within any project? The project filter by “Last modified on” solution is not cutting it.


I have been a dedicated user of Asana for numerous years, starting from its initial stages. During the early development phase, there was a valuable opportunity for direct interaction with the developers. I frequently contributed feedback and bug reports, which were met with prompt and attentive responses. The development team often sought further clarifications and actively incorporated the suggestions made. My engagement included beta testing a significant version update, and subsequently, I was honored to become an Asana ambassador.

Over time, I have observed a gradual shift in the company’s approach to its user base. This change has been evident in both the pricing strategies, which could be perceived as a “bait and switch” scenario, and the noticeable disregard for user-generated feature request voting. This trend has been continuing for several years and is an observable fact.


Totally agree. It’s clunky any way you try to do it now…


I went to filter my inbox per project and stumbled across this… as a 10yr+ user (and now partner) I’m embarrassed this has been open so long…

Hopefully this is implemented soon, would be fairly easy for a project filter to be applied to the inbox feed! Seems a logical step with all the other filters in there now

Please! We need this feature so badly!

Asana very much needs a “Project Feed” which shows ALL activity within a project: status changes, comments, likes, bucket movement, everything.

This is desperately needed by our managers so they can get a top-level view of all activity within a project. It would foster better collaboration.

Please Asana! This would be so easy!!!


I guess this isn’t happening in a hurry… :roll_eyes:

For those on the new/current tiers Starter, Advanced or Enterprise, you can head over to your project’s Overview tab and look for ‘Project summary’ on the right which provides an impressive AI generated status of your project.

I understand this does not entirely address this request but it may prove useful to most.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

This was 7 years ago and this is a very obvious and important feature. I could set this up in 30 seconds in Azure DevOps. How is this still not implemented? The inbox with the bell icon seems to be a basic activity feed, but it excludes things like comments. This is very disappointing, especially since they already have this inbox activity feed as well as an “all activity” tab on each task. This should be super easy to implement!

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My thought is that Asana’s largest customers are possibly doing it themselves via API, therefore limited reason for Asana to implement it.

I acknowledge that you’re merely the messenger Emily, but actions speak louder than words and there’s really been no visible action on this.

Most of us here are PMs and understand the need to balance resources with requests… however Asana is over a decade old now… yet this still doesn’t exist… But “AI” does :smiley:

This is highly speculative, but perhaps there’s something being considered:



@lpb I came here to say the same thing but you beat me to it ;). I got so excited seeing the ‘Feed’, ‘Guidelines’ and ‘Launch brief’ tabs on that demo video you shared on another thread. I assume the ‘Guidelines’ tab is the anticipated notes feature that listed as ‘coming soon’ on their website. I am really hoping these new features will make it to production soon :pray:t2:.

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