Create Activity feed to Teams & Projects

I am new to Asana. So far I have been impressed, but the lack of a Project Activity Feed is a serious problem. I find myself constantly trying to figure out what has happened recently in a project, and there does not seem to be an easy way to find out.

A Project Activity Feed seems like a pretty basic level of functionality. I’m surprised this feature does not exist already, and I certainly hope the product engineers at Asana release it soon.


YES! This is included in most project management software even on free versions. It’s critical for us. Please add this feature!

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Was just looking for this capability myself. It seems like most reports or dashboards we build are point-in-time, but we’d like to see some reports on, say, how many tasks we moved from one section to another in a period.


Yeah, not having an activity feed is a deal breaker. And the fact this thread has been open for so long is not encouraging. Too bad because otherwise Asana seems like a great tool.


Come on, Asana, we need a detailed activity feed within projects. Dashboard views are good but don’t provide a clear history of all activities within projects, and Advanced Search requires too much work and thinking about what to search for. They are not viable solutions.

The Activity Feed could be a dedicated tab within Projects and work similarly to the Inbox.


It would be so easy to design.

Perhaps a simple start would be to add Inbox filters: Project, Team.
That should do the trick and it seems straightforward to implement.

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Need this asap. Other platfoms like Basecamp have it. That’s where I stayed most of the time. I just want a timeline view of what’s happening with all the projects.


Anyone found any good Activity Feed workarounds until Asana addressed this? I’m used to Teamwork and I’m finding Asana really lacking :frowning:

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I agree a timeline activity view would be great


PLEASE, implement this.


Even Microsoft Office has implemented an activity feed around documents and edits so I’m not sure why Asana is holding out.

I came over to Asana from Basecamp and this is the most glaring issue I face. In Basecamp, I could go to a feed of everything in the account or a feed of everything going on in a project. There I could quickly find recent files (with image preview), conversations, tasks completed. It was really an incredibly helpful thing.

I am considering moving my team from Monday to Asana and see so many benefits in Asana over Modnay but just found out that there is no Activity log in Asana and it makes it hard for me to make this move.
I think it’s a must have feature and it has been requested already in 2017 multiple times!
I this in the roadmap? can someone update on this ?