CPG Use Case: How to track activities related to a specific product/category/brand?

Hello, community! I head marketing at a CPG company with a lot of brands and products and a large portion of the work (projects and tasks) we do in Asana are related to specific items (SKUs) and product categories. For example, creating a package, filming a video, updating content, etc.

The issue I’ve had is being able to track all of the work related to specific items and categories across projects. In an ideal world, Asana would have a feature more like Notion where I could have one project with all of our SKUs (1000+) and use a relational field in other projects to link the work back.

This way, I could also be able to quickly audit what is in progress for a certain item, what’s been completed, and what needs to be done.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve something similar in Asana or have a similar use case that they could share?


Hey @kbuchanio,

In our company we deal a lot with products and skus as well (for marketing, CS, product packaging, etc)
How we handle this is that we create various team containing projects for different operations (marketing, paid marketing, influencer marketing, product packaging, custom service and a lot more.)
We also have one project per sku (where we store main tasks upon product launch).
Now in all the other projects we use single or multi/select custom fields for the products(skus) and we always select the relevant product from the drop-down.
For example when we create a product video or send a unit to an influencer for every task we have we select the relevant item.

This not only allows us to create graphs in the individual dashboards, but it also allows us to set up rules to multi-home tasks.

Additionally advanced search can be used to find all the tasks where a specific sku has been selected.
You can then also save advanced search results.

Does this help?

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer! I appreciate you sharing your experience with this! Trying to picture this, but I’m struggling with how it would work for a lot of items.

Is there any chance you could share an example screenshot? I’m particularly interested in how you visualize this in the dashboards. Thanks!

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Sure @kbuchanio,

here are some screenshots.

Screenshot_1157 (1)
The first screenshot is about the custom field we created. The above screenshot was taken from our youtube project where we handle editing videos, creating thumbnails etc.
For every video task we select the featured appliance.

The 2nd screenshot is how you can set up rules. So depending on the product you can set a trigger to add the task to another project as well.
Currently, you have to set those up manually because a global rule library does not exist yet.
Now keep in mind also the current rule limit per project is 50. But there are workarounds that can be used in case you need more

Screenshot_1160 (1)
This is one screenshot from the dashboard where I wanted to see how many tasks we have for each appliance.

Screenshot_1159 (1)
This is from the dashboard as well, different graph and with filters enabled.

There are so many options on the type of graphs you can set up with various filters. This helps us a lot to keep an overview:

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. Hoping I can implement something similar!

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