"Couldn't reach Asana" with every action on Android

First post, but I love Asana… however, the mobile app errors whenever I do common actions, like attempt to create a ticket. These server related actions will report “Couldn’t reach Asana” or shows a never-ending loading animation at the top.

Having no other issues with other apps. Asana App is the latest version from the Google Play Store. I’ve attempted uninstalling and reinstalling, etc.

Device OnePlus6T
Android Version 10
OxygenOS version 10.3.2

Welcome to the Forum @Craig_Jones1 and thank you for reaching out! :wave:t5:

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue! In order to better understand what might be happening can you please test this while using Wifi and while using your mobile network to see if you continue to experience this issue?

If yes, can you please share a screenshot of the error you are getting?

Thank you @Craig_Jones1! Looking forward to your reply!

I think you are correct in your assessment. My WiFi network seems to have issues with everything whereas on LTE things are working.

I have never had a similar issue with any other app. Is this a known problem or is there any workaround? I’m on WiFi practically all day.