having an issue with connectivity!

We are inquiring about the inconvenience of using Asana.

  1. When we open the project, the loading speed of the tickets is too slow.

  2. The browser is very slow and the details of the ticket won’t open

  3. Typing is also very slow when trying to create and fill out tickets.

We looked in the forums for help, but all we could find was instructions to contact the support team.

we’ve attached the project URL and the connection status check to contact support, so hopefully you can find a solution.

It would be nice if we find a good solution to the problem or a guide to how to use it efficiently.

If this issue is not resolved, we plan to cancel the payment and seek other solutions.

Project URL: https://app.asana.com/0/1203843095864140/1203843095864140

Connection Status Check: https://connectivity-test.asana.com/
image - 2024-03-12T113814.947 (2)

Welcome, @Joseph20,

Sorry to hear this.

Did you do the recommended troubleshooting steps (besides the connection status)? If you’ve already contacted support, that’s the best bet. It may take a couple of days. Do not reply to the thread without hearing back, or that will cause you to reset in the queue.

Try these troubleshooting steps, then please create a support ticket if you haven’t already: see How to contact our Support Team.



Hi lpb

Thanks for the reply.

yes we tried everything. I will contact the Asana support.


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