Correctly Setting Up Asana for Maximum Efficiency

Hey everyone,

I apologize in advance if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I could not find an answer that I could apply to what I want to achieve.

Here is how I would like to structure my Asana account as a freelancer:


Client Name

Service Category

Tasks (one-off’s and recurring tasks) - For recurring tasks such as optimization, I would also like to put comments as reference points

At the moment:
I have 1 team called Marketing. I have projects that are client names, and then tasks. How can I restructure this to achieve the above-mentioned structure?

Thank you in advance for any advice and help!

Hi @Rahim_Dhrolia
Have you tried the following ?

1 Partner = 1 team
1 Client = 1 project
Service categories = sections or a custom field if you are at least Premium

If you are Business then Partners could also become Portfolios.



That’s a great suggestion. I debated doing that given I only have 1 department right now, but I hesitated as I hope to scale up soon - hopefully, meaning more departments.

Have you come across something similar but with departments included?

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