Copying existing task with due date in same project


Hello everyone,

I have a question about copying a section and pasting that in the same project (template). We use a basic section which we copy for different building blocks who use the same tasks (A,B,C…).

This section has a pre defined time path between the tasks which we would like to copy and paste in the same template.

The problem is that when I do this, you can paste the tasks but the due date’s are lost. Is there a way to copy and paste these sections with the due date?

I look forward to your reply!


Hey @Duco_Mast,

Welcome to the Forum, this is a really great question!

I would recommend using the duplicate task feature to copy all the information of a task/section (including the due date). Unfortunately, as it stands, it is not possible to multi-select and duplicate all tasks/sections at the same time. As of now, this would have to be done one task/section at a time.

Hopefully, this is something we can implement in the future, I have gone ahead and moved your thread to the #productfeedback category.

This will allow you and other users to vote for it which would help to hopefully have this function implemented in the future!


Hi @Duco_Mast,

I wanted to add something to @Edda’s reply. There’s a clever workaround (someone smarter than me thought of it, but I can’t now find the original post here so I can’t credit that person) that goes like this:

  1. Create a task named “Temp”

  2. Drag and drop, one by one, each task to be copied into Temp as subtasks of Temp ( keeping them in the order you ultimately want

  3. Duplicate the parent “Temp” task with “Duplicate Task…”: (

  4. Repeat the above 3 more times if you want a total of 4 sets of those tasks

  5. Click the first new “Copy of Temp” task then select all its subtasks and drag and drop them into a new section

  6. Repeat the above 3 more times

Hope that helps as a workaround, but I support the product feedback to make this easier,

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


Thank you for your quick response!

This would work for tasks and their due date’s (not the ideal method). But I also als give the task dependency in Instagantt. This won’t copy if I use this method.

The most ideal situation is that I can copy the complete section ( with due date’s, assignee and dependency in a template and paste it underneath it. Therefore I don’t have to make several pre-determined sections, which would make the template a lot bigger.

Hope that there will be an easy method for this in the future!


Hello everybody,

I’m curious if there is a status update for this problem? In the ideal situation I would like to copy a section of tasks en paste them in the same project. In this proces, the due date and dependecy keeps remaining.


Hey @Duco_Mast, thank you for following up on this and providing us with more context on why this would be an improvement for you and your Team. However, I don’t believe we have any changes planned for this in the near future, please be reassured that we have this in mind for future improvements to Asana.