Copy and Paste Collaborators to Multiple Tasks

There currently does not appear to be a method to copy collaborators from one task and paste them to a single task or, what I need, to multiple tasks.

I have Task A/Milestone A with 6 collaborators. I want to add those collaborators to TaskB,C, D, E, F, etc… without having to manually type each name. I want highlight multiple tasks or milestones and paste in all collaborators.

HI @Brian_Ott and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

You could achieve that by multi-selecting task B, C, D, E, F, etc. and adding the collaborators to all tasks at once.

I hope this helps Brian! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Thank you Natalia and this works IF all the selected tasks have no collaborators. For example, I have 10 milestones. 1 of 10 has about 15 collaborators. If I select all 10, the collaborators listed are the 15—from the 1 task but they are NOT on the other 9. I cannot update the other 9 using the 10th. I have to select the 9 with no collaborators and then I can type out 15 collaborators.

A copy and paste would save time and frustration.



Until/if this feature is provided, a workaround might be to keep a blank “template” task but with all the collaborators on it already, then duplicate the task instead of creating a new task when you know you want all those collaborators. Note: on the Duplicate Task dialog, make sure to check the Collaborators (new term for Collaborators it seems) checkbox.

(Also, when multi-selecting, the Collaborators shown are the sum of all of them as you found out; if you just add the ones you know are not on all tasks, then the result will be all tasks having all collaborators.)

Neither is the solution you’re asking for, I know, but thought it could help. Perhaps this should be moved to Product Feedback for voting?


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Moving it to the #productfeedback to allow other users to vote for this feature request @Brian_Ott. Don’t forget to leave your vote by clicking on the “Vote” button next to the thread’s name :raised_hands:

Thank you @lpb for your suggestion and workaround! :slight_smile:

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