Converting a Task to a Project: How do I get the board layout instead of the list layout?


New to Asana and I feel like this should be an obvious thing but I can’t figure it out.

When I want to convert a task to a project I can’t figure out how to have it convert to the board layout. I don’t use the list layout at all, I’m more of a object organized person than a text based one and this is incredibly frustrating.

Thanks for the help!

Option for Board view when switching task to project

Based on what is in the guide it doesn’t look like it is possible to convert a task into a board project.

@Katie are you able to confirm?



Yes, @Jason_Woods, you’re correct; it is not possible to convert a task into a Board project at the moment; a task can only be converted into a List project. Sounds like this is something we move to the #productfeedback category! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the confirmation @Marie have moved it to Product Feedback. @Bobby_Parker give it a vote…


So, I’m really not trying to sound snarky here, but I don’t understand how a feature like “convert to project” wasn’t implemented in such a way that you can’t select what type of project to convert it to.

Especially when there’s only two options?

Timeline just rolled out, which seems like an extensive update, yet basic features don’t seem fully implemented. (I see now you can’t switch between list and board layout, and it’s a highly requested feature)

I’m testdriving Asana with my home life to see if it will work for the business I started and seemingly piecemeal development is a bit off-putting. I understand features war for priority and everyone has their preferences, but is there a blog post or something where I can read about development strategy/philosophy of the company?

Thanks in advance.


Hi folks! Here’s a helpful workaround :slight_smile:

And for information about Asana’s company vision, you’re in luck! Watch this recent video with Asana’s co-founder, Justin:


We track active projects but also the lead consultation progress in our Asana. Once the lead (who is identified as a task on a board) approves the quote, we would like to turn that task into a project. The only thing is that when you do that, it defaults into list view. I would rather all converted projects to be in board view or to give me the option to choose - just like I do when starting a new project from scratch.


Thanks for your feedback @Durrock and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merhed your post in the main thread to consolidate feedback; hope that’s ok!