[Converted to template] why these task are visible on my TODO list?

Tasks that are part of some template, are matched as [Converted to template]. I assume, that those templates and all the tasks in those templates shouldn’t be visible as tasks that I have to deal with. Only after I use the template, and create another project etc… those tasks be visible on my ToDo list.

If so, why can I see all the tasks hidden in some template, as my ToDo tasks - tasks, which I have to deal with now?

Is there a way, to hide those [Converted to template] tasks?

Hi @Łukasz_Kalciński because you were assigned those subtasks before the task was converted to a template. As you were assigned those tasks will still sit in your My Tasks. Id just unassign myself if they are no longer actionable items

Oh… that makes sense :). Thank you.

I assume that If I create a template, and then assign tasks (in this template) to somebody… then everything would be OK?

I’ll try that. Thanks Danielle :slight_smile:

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HI @Łukasz_Kalciński yes once the template is created and you assign in there then no one will have in their my tasks until the template is brought in

Great! Problem solved. Thank you so much

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