Convert a task into a subtask - iOS

Dear All,

I am trying to convert a task into a subtask through my iphone and I cannot understand how. Please note I’m on the board layout so the following instructions I’ve found online don’t work.



To convert a task into a subtask :

  1. Click the task you want as the new parent task to load its details in the right pane. Read more.
  2. Click and drag the task you want to convert into the subtasks section of the open right pane of the new parent.

I don’t think you can and they should make this as a priority.

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Hey @Leonardo_Pegoraro,

Not sure how it is on the iPhone, but on the desktop you can click the … button and select Move Task, than Make a subtask of, and then type the name of the task you want to make the task a subtask of.

@Dominic_Duclos, you can also convert the subtask to a project the same way.

Again, this is how it works on a desktop, not sure if its different on an iPhone.

Thanks for getting in touch, @Leonardo_Pegoraro, and sorry for the trouble. It looks like the steps you mentioned are from the article for the web app. At this time, this feature is not available for iOS, but we appreciate your feedback!. We’ve noted your request to our Product team for consideration.

I have now moved your post to the “Product Feedback” section so that you and other users can add your vote there.

Also, I have added “iOS” to the title of your post to make it easier for users looking for the same topic to find it. I hope you don’t mind. Please let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

No button for subtasks on iPhone , and need this

Was using :

And again they change it

How can this be considered a product feed-back when it was working this morning and you turn the fonction down.
You don’t understand how can this mess our work process.

Hi @Dominic_Duclos and thanks for reaching out in the Forum!

I think there is a little bit of confusion here, so I just wanted to clear things up and give you some insights into some changes currently happening in Asana. To this day converting a task into a subtask was only possible on the web version of Asana; unfortunately, it was never possible on our mobile app. I think you’re referring to something slightly different here. The “:” was allowing you to convert tasks into Sections (not into subtasks). And you’re completely right, it doesn’t work anymore; instead of using the semicolon, you can now create Sections using the “Tab+N” shortcut or our new “Add Section” drop-down menu. Unfortunately, this new shortcut is not available on mobile; and in fact, because of some work we’re currently doing to implement the ability of Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) in mobile, we had to temporarily remove the ability to create sections via mobile altogether. We’re hoping to re-introduce this function very soon, we’re aware a lot of users create sections on mobile and our team is working hard to make this happen as quickly as possible (you can follow along with the latest updates on this topic here: Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app - #9).

This thread (we’re currently talking on) is about converting a task into a subtask - not converting a task into a section, (which used to be possible with the “:” shortcut). If you have follow-up questions about the ability to create sections on mobile, please reach out on the thread referenced above; I’ll be more than happy to help.

On a more global note, we are aware that many of our users rely on the mobile app to get work done on the go; over the last two years our mobile app has dramatically improved (have a look at our Release Notes if you’re interested in learning more), and we’re planning to continue developing our resources to make sure our mobile app can consistently catch up with the web offer. But as you can imagine, developing on mobile is a lot more challenging due to many formats constraints, so it can sometimes take a little longer for new feature to land in mobile!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback and voice your concerns Dominic; I know this post won’t resolve your issue today, but I hope it helps you understand the situation a little bit better.

All the best, @Marie


The lack of Mark a subtask of and Mark a duplicate of make it really hard to work from mobile. As of now, when I see a task that needs to be converted into a subtask or marked as duplicate, I need to create a new task for myself to perform that action when I’ll be on desktop. That’s very inefficient. For example, it caused our team to work on two duplicated tasks, just because I was waiting to get in front of my computer to merge them.

When do you this feature will be on. It is quite a critical functionality. I see this was a year ago so am wondering whethere there have been changes since. And if the change happens how will I be notified.


Need this

Some minor issues like cripple and halt work badly. We have to get to the desktop to be able to convert tasks to subtasks.
I am not able to do this wen I am out on the go