Convert a task into a section

Yep same here, just pasted a load of lines of tasks to be sections in Asana from doc… bog no conversion… 50 tasks to redo one by one!

I can’t believe they removed this feature. What a pain in the butt it is to bring in lists and set them up accordingly.

This was first raised in May 2019 and we’re still regularly talking about this issue - when will it be resolved Asana? How can this be raised further with the product team @Bastien_Siebman

Requesting something for a long time doesn’t mean Asana HAS to do it. There is nothing to “resolve”.

My own opinion: it was pretty handy to have the ability to simply type “:” to turn a task into a section. But since then, we have the keyboard shortcut Tab+N to create a section, so I wouldn’t want Asana to clutter the 3 dot menu with an option. Re-enabling the “:” wouldn’t make sense since sections don’t finish with “:” anymore…

How is this still disabled? The functionality was erased in 2019 and yet not back. It’s ridiculous.

I truly believe it will not come back. Sections used to be tasks, they simply changed the data model, now it makes less sense. If you turn a task into a section, you destroy data (comments, attachments, dates…) unless you keep the task opened.
I did not talk to Asana about this, this is simply my own point of view.

Absolutely right!

Welcome, @TJ_Hawkins,

The post you replied to cites a blog post that’s over 6 years old!

New sections can still be created on import from CSV, just differently. The how-to is found here:



The issue is that it is buggy when you a task and you want to create sections for the subtasks. Half the time, Tab-N creates a section in the project instead of inside the task you have open in the Details View (I think this may be when the cursor is in an empty task below a subtask section?). If I could at least use Tab-N reliably in that scenario, I’d be “okay,” albeit doing things tediously.

You can’t even right-click a section that is inside a task in the same way you can a section inside a project, and there isn’t a three-dot menu.

You also can’t ‘move’ a section (empty or not) into a task. So it basically really hard to create sections to separate subtasks.