Convert a task into a section

Yes I often do this

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Why? This was such a smart and quick feature. Especially when copying subtasks from one task to another. Not all projects can be templatized.

I agree!

Do you know there are task templates now?

2 seconds? Hmmm…you must know some tricks I don’t. :slight_smile: This is going to take 15 mins. Minimum.

Please bring this feature back! I migrated a board from Trello only to have to manually redo all tasks into sections and sub tasks to tasks.

Please bring this back. I am importing projects from Connectwise manage which is all within sections. Simple feature IMO.

Bring it back!

I was about to go back to using Asana after a few years. Realising that this feature is gone, just minutes back in, I’ll move to another project management solution for now.

Adding my name to the list of ‘bring this back, please.’ I created a section that isn’t working for me any longer and would like to ‘up-level’ the tasks easily and quickly.