Controlling TAGGED tasks in different projects - new feature request

TAG’s are Super useful for flying round asana -

It would be great o customise which projects the task is displaced in.

A task can exist in multiple projects, and short of removing someone from having visibility of a project, the one task exisiting in multiple projects can make for a very busy view.

I am aware that you can collapse the ‘chevron’ but this is timely.

It would be great if there was a tick box, much like the notification box setting in each project for each user to filter if tasks with this tag in this project are displayed.

I say this because different people require different information, and yet a task with a particular tag can be in multiple projects, and when multiple tasks with the same tag are in multiple projects you can end up scrolling a long way or having to create a report.

Attached is a screenshot to illustrate how many projects i need to sift through for one project - if i am only interested in project orders, invoices, storage locations, and invoices, then the rest of the information for this project is superfluous and messy.

Similarly, if i was in accounts, only the projects highlighted green would be of interest - see this image

Hi @Giles_Hugo, thanks for reaching out to our Community!

When you click into a tag showing in a task, you can see all tasks that this tag is currently being used on, and also all projects.

Is this what you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

no - i have re-written with some examples for your review

Given that asana’s CEO has the goal of providing the right information at the right time to people, i felt that this was well aligned with this goal and the company direction.

We are moving to a place were everyone works from tags, from a reminder task to assess that tag - is speeds up procedures and with this feature could ensure only the relevant info to that person is displayed.

The crux is to ensure that i can still go to a project that has the ‘hidden’ tasks, and find the ‘hidden task(s)’ but i can control if they are called up via the tag view

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@Giles_Hugo Thanks for this suggestion.
I used to use tags a lot but have found that global custom fields work better for filtering and advanced search, and now lately with the new Reporting feature.
Question, on what plan are you?

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business organisation

Noted - i may look at migrating information into one project and using custom fields - however having tasks in different projects allows for different rules to apply to different types of information.

Maybe i then make different projects that have different rules set up and ensure the relative custom fields are represented in both projects.

hmm interesting approach…

Remodelling the company platform again… lol

Just make sure you use custom fields that are in the company library (or global fields) and not ones that are only local to a project. This way you can add the same custom field to all the relevant projects.