Can GLOBAL tags be defined, accessible across multiple projects/tasks/users within a team?

When tags are created by a user within a project/task they appear to be available only to the user creating the tag. Other team members have no visibility to the tags created in other users’ projects. Is there a way to create a list of global tags that can be used across my team?
I need to enforce tag hygiene and want to ensure everyone is using the same unique tag names.

Welcome, @Michael_Leland,

Tags do operate globally so long as they’re used on tasks and in projects that are visible to others. When others start to type in the tags field the first characters it will autocomplete. You can also then backspace to remove all characters and see general suggestions.

See the Tags Permissions section within How to complete task fields | Product guide • Asana for details.

There’s no list of tags kept somewhere, but you can certainly keep your own running list and share with others.

It’s actually a good best practice to keep a single task or tasks and assign to them every task you want to consider recommended ones because it can help keep those “alive” in Asana (I can’t recall the details of that, or current state of that issue, but I recall this staved off some possible problems with tag use).

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Thank you, Larry.
What you’re saying makes sense, but I am not experiencing tags in the manner you’ve described.
When I go to add tags to a new task I only see a few tags listed in the dropdown as I start typing.
I would expect to see a much longer list given how many of my team members are adding tasks to Asana.
I will double check the privilege settings on our account and users/tasks.

Perhaps that list is only showing recently used or something, but I think if you start to type the starting characters you will see a more complete list at least for those starting with those characters.

You may also find @Bastien_Siebman’s third-party tool helpful:


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Actually I’ve run into this as well. I can use the tags I’ve created in any project I have access to whether I am that project’s owner or not. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why other members could create their own tags, but couldn’t see the tags I had already created UNLESS those specific tags have already been added to that specific project, by me.
Thanks for this specific Tags Permissions section (which I never found on my own, :woman_facepalming:t4:) I finally realized the tags were originally created in a private project, essentially making the tags private as well. :bulb:
I had created a task called “Master Tags List” and multi-homed it in several projects to keep them available. Now I understand why/how this works. Thanks again Larry!

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Excellent, @Mikayla_Santiago, thanks!!