Connecting Asana with an API to SAP and view a SQL List

Dear developers,
I am asking if you have already experienced this request.
A client has a need to open from Asana an SQL view generated by another software (in this case SAP Business One).
I would like if I can have a task or a message that enables an Asana user to view a SQL query result into Asana?
I would need to connect it with an open API I assume ?

Hi @Diogène_Ntirandekura,

At present there is no supported way to integrate directly into the Asana UI, so the only way I can think of to run a query or open a view would be to have a link in a task’s description that somehow ran an external app which did the query and displayed the result on-screen. Not a very clean solution, but it’s all I can think of.

If someone else has a better idea, please chime in!

Thank you so much Phil!
I am open to hear any other idea about the issue.

Otherwise I will tell the client that we should receive in Asana a link in the task that enables us to display the result, in another app or website.

I think of using to connect Asana with SAP, have you already used it as well?


I thought about maybe mentioning a service like or - I didn’t because my impression is they are more about adding single tasks more than querying existing data - but no, I haven’t used either of them so I can’t say for sure. Yes, I would say you should explore those as options.