Connecting Asana form to Zapier

Has anyone figured out how to get Zapier or any app connector to talk to Asana form to push attachments to an accounting system or a receipt manager?


Can you clarify this bit? Do you want to upload to another system an attachment made through a form?

Yes, and other form field responses.

Ok so the fact that this is a form submission is irrelevant when looking at Zapier, you can consider this is a simple task with a description, an attachment and custom fields. I played around with attachment a bit in Zapier, it wasn’t easy, I am afraid I can’t help (I would have to search myself). I hope others could help!

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Thanks for testing it out. This has been one of our most significant challenges with using the Asana form. Getting the data from the task description to cloud storage or another app is challenging.

If you map each question to a custom field, then it is easier to map them to cloud storage :slight_smile: