Connect the due dates of subtasks to the due date of their parent task

+1 for this feature!

I think it’s one of the most important missing feature in our workflow. I have a to set due dates manually for plenty of subtasks on a regular basis.

Also, the fact that recurring tasks (set on repeat, on a weekly basis for example) containing multiple subtasks don’t allow to push the subtasks due dates to +1 week is very annoying, that’s the reason why I have to always manually schedule the subtask’s due dates.

Very needed feature @Rebecca_McGrath ! :pray:


Hey @Phil_Seeman,

Looking at testing this workaround. I’m not seeing the “Add subtasks from a template” rule action in Flowsana. Would you share how we might access that feature?

Hi @Tyler_York,

Sorry for the confusion; it’s actually just labeled “Add subtasks”:

Another team that needs this feature. We schedule events and meetings based on our client’s needs, and then there’s a set of tasks that are defined in our contract as “four weeks before” “two weeks before,” “one week after” “two weeks after.” This is a very very common way of doing business and it would be a widely used feature to be able to have a task template that you can use in this way. I was incredulous when I realized it didn’t exist, honestly. That’s the kind of thing where you expect an expensive product management tool to be better than the Excel spreasheet you’ve been using previously.

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Another +1 for this feature! Being able to add deadlines to subtasks, regardless of the overarching start or end date of the main task would really be ideal! Hopefully this request is getting the attention it needs as it would be an amazing feature of Asana :slight_smile:

100% need this feature.

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If you create a subtask the due date of the top level task is automatically adjusted to include the subtask range. For example, if my task has a due date of 9/2 and I set a subtask with a due date of 11/1, the due date of the task changes from 9/2 to 11/1.

This is indeed not a thing (yet?), subtasks and parent tasks are never related in terms of completion and dates. In my case, I would not want to have that feature :sweat_smile:


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Emma_Berry! We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Connect the due dates of subtasks to the due date of their parent task to consolidate feedback!

If a project’s due date shifts back/out (say shifts out by one week), would like to have the option to auto-adjust subtasks due dates to accomodate the new timelines

Due date shifting based on project dates is indeed not available, even less for subtasks that don’t technically belong to the project.

Hi! I see this thread started 5 years ago and having subtask due dates dynamically is still not a feature. Does Asana ever plan to implement this. If so, may I ask why not? This would be extremely beneficial for my content planning.

It’s very useful for me to plan out blog content and refer to the calendar view to see which blogs will be published on which dates, with each blog being its own task and all the things needed to get done to make that blog in the task as subtasks. If I have each task needed to make one blog as a full task, then my calendar view will be super stuffed up. What is your suggestion here for a workaround since Asana doesn’t seem to want to make this feature?

Huge +1 this is a very important feature for us

Hi Emily!
5 yrs on, how might we elicit some feedback or confirmation that this feature will ever make the roadmap please? I am on the same boat as many others here and would love to see this request come to fruition.