Completed tasks not disappearing

For the last few days I have been intermittently getting tasks staying visible after being completed.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I think its mostly in the “my tasks” section but I do 99% of my work in that view so not sure if its just there.

I will tick a task and instead of disappearing, it will just become completed and ghosted.

Another completed task next to it will complete fine.

I’m working from random internet connections and with VPN so I don’t know if its just my connection or if its a bug that has started occurring.

I’m on MacOS / Chrome.


I can confirm I too saw that, only once, a day or two ago, also in My Tasks using web app and latest Chrome on Mac. I was filtered for incomplete tasks only, as I always am, and only a couple of recent tasks failed to hide and showed up completed and greyed, as you indicated.

I refreshed and it cleared up.



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It happened again just now, as before, with a just-completed task. Captured in this screenshot showing the impossibility of Incomplete tasks filter set, yet an incomplete task is showing anyway:

I removed and re-added the filter and it corrected.


yeah im also using the webapp.

I’ve just been refreshing the page intermittently.

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Hi @Matthew_Harris, thanks for reporting this! Could you confirm if the issue persists after following the quick troubleshooting steps in this article?

I had the same issue yesterday briefly


Sorry, I appreciate that would be helpful but I don’t have time to start tearing my browser to bits.

I rely on it for my work.

One thing I can add to this though is that I had the idea of just unticking it and then ticking at again to flush it out.

That did not work, however it for every click (untick or tick) it showed the same “Marked [TICK]…” notification.

Hopefully that helps with the diagnostics.

Same here, happens randomly for at least the last few days. Using the web app on my desktop. The completed task is no longer visible in my Apple apps. Restarting Asana does not flush it. Nor does checking/unchecking. Eventually it just goes away. Definitely a small bug that started within a week a so maybe.

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Thanks all for confirming! I have escalated this issue to our product team. We will circle back as soon as we have an update.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!


Hi @Emily_Roman - Do you have an update on this issue or when you expect to have a fix? Have also been struggling with this for last 8 days. Causes a bit of consternation to continue to look at the tasks you just completed that don’t disappear until you refresh the page!


Experiencing this issue as well. Latest Chrome (120.0.6099.130) on Windows desktop.

As of today I am experiencing this problem. Completed tasks in My Tasks stay visible until I refresh.
Chrome is up-to-date
Versie 120.0.6099.129

Yes me too. It hads happened in the past few weeks on and off. I have also been having issues moving cards around. they visiually indicate they are being dragged but dont drop

I’m noticing this as well. Anecdotally, it seems to only happen for tasks that I create by clicking the ±sign next to a section; it doesn’t seem to happen for tasks I create using the blank “Add task…” row at the bottom of the section.


I take that back. I thought it had been that way, but I’m seeing it happen for both now.

I’m using the Asana app, version 2.1.1

Hi everyone, thanks for your reports and apologies again for this issue! Our product team is working on a solution and I will share more information as soon as we have any updates. Thanks for your patience!

Hi all, our product team has resolved this issue! Let us know if you still experience any problems :slight_smile:


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