Complete Tasks - aren't very obvious in view


How about a change of color or greying-out of completed task card.
The small light green tick and disabling of text is not at all obvious.

Also a “completed” option on the card (instead of going into task properties)
Same way the assigning a person and Due Date is available.


@Edwin_Russell thanks for your suggestions! At this time the cards in boards do change color when a task is completed. But it sounds like this wasn’t particularly noticeable for you?


Yes I guess my request was to make it more obvious…
Thanks for reply


Hey there @Edwin_Russell! Just to piggyback off what @Alexis has already said, you should also be able to filter your tasks by incomplete/completed in boards projects now -

Might be useful to know, if you’re trying to distinguish more clearly between what’s been done and what still needs doing!