Compiling goal updates into a single message

I’m looking fir a way to compile all updates to a group of goals in asana, into a single message.

The idea is to have our executive team receive weekly updates of goal statuses without having to check directly into the goals.

The “inbox” feature doesn’t solve this since there’s many other messages that appear there and updates can get lost.

Is there a suggestion for how to solve this?

Welcome, @Luis-Gil,

The first suggestion, which you likely won’t want to hear (!), is to assist the executive team to better manage their Asana Inbox if they’ve sanctioned use of Asana for their organization.

Another approach is to make a goal that treats all the goals you’re including here as subgoals and then deliver a single weekly update on that parent goal.

Finally, you can have each executive team member who needs it filter their Asana Inbox to “@Mentioned,” but that is a dangerous practice since they won’t see all other notifications. You’d have to ensure status updates @mention each one of them, then.



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