Collapsible multiple answer questions in forms

With some of our user forms, we have several questions which require the user to be able to provide multiple answers, so we can’t use a single select drop-down box. As these questions are often optional and user response varies dependent upon activity, having the question visible with a collapsible section for the answers would be hugely helpful. At current, we have forms which are hard to navigate on mobile devices as the user has to scroll passed lengthy sections which may not be applicable.

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Until/if this becomes available, if you’re on the Asana Business or Enterprise plan, you have form branching available which is what I use in these situations.

Ask a (not required) Yes/No single-select form question like, “Do you want to specify favorite ice cream flavors?” Branch the “Yes” answer to your long multi-select question, and do not branch the “No” answer. It’s slightly more work one-time in the form creation but I feel is a good workaround for now.

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Thank you Larry - I had considered this and have started some work to this effect - thanks for the help.

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