Collaborator access to tags and drop down in projects

We have HR files managed within Asana and we want the supervisor to see
Unless you are a member of the project, you can’t see the custom drop down tags we’ve created, even if you own the task.

We can’t have EVERYONE’s boards be available for any supervisor to see, there needs to be some privacy there.

What we need:
Some way for guests to a project to be able to see customizable fields in projects they aren’t members with - or a work around. The fields have rules associated with them that move workflow along.


Hi Kristin,

Could you create a project for the supervisors to have access to that the HR files tasks could be multihomed into? You could then put the custom fields you want them to see into your Library and then they will be able to see them in the project they have access to.



I agree with @Kasey_Nichols’ solution. Furthermore, you can create a rule thay will add that task to their project when they are assigned the task.

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OH YOU GUYS. So slick. Thank you so much. I can totally do that.