Client Management

Hi, I have a questions regarding sharing a project with internal clients. Currently my team mates and I are on the Asana business account ( we are a design team in a large organisation and we have internal clients that submit request through us ). We’ve set up forms for them to send through their requests. Once they do, they can’t access/ see the task they’ve created by using the form ( unless I assigned the task back to them ) - our internal clients are collaborating from free accounts and they don’t have the ability to view the tasks from within a project. If I share the project with them, they can see all the tasks ( and their requests) but they automatically get upgraded to the business account. Is there a way around this - since the tool will become out of budget if we have to pay for a business account for all these users ? Our internal clients need the ability to view their own request and see the progress, who it has been assigned to, etc.


Are you paying for the whole org or only a team? If you only pay for a team, you can invite them only on tasks, you won’t have to pay for them.

We are paying for our design team only. Is there a way to invite them to view the task(s) they have submitted via the form ( without having to assign them the actual task ) ? If they are collaborators on the task - they don’t see all of their request(s)/ status.

If you pay for a team and only invite others on a task, you won’t pay for them. But they will only see their tasks.