Client Visibility

I’m currently using the Basic version and I’m wanting to invite clients to a project. I do not want them to see all the other projects, teams, etc. Even in a list.

I found in the documentation that if I invited them through the button in the upper right as opposed to creating a team, I should be able to set it to that they can only see their project. I’m testing with another one of my emails, but I’m not seeing that it works that way. When I access as my other me, I can still see the list of projects, other teams, etc.

Is this a Pro feature? I’m not opposed to upgrading if so, but I do want to understand the pricing. If I upgrade to pro and then invite a client, do I add a user by doing so?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Lynn_Currie!
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Please raed these documentations

For clients, I have a suggestion,
You can create a separate project for them and whenever you want to show them some tasks, just copy the tasks from your main project to clients project.

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Thanks for the quick reply @Soumyadeep_Mandal

I had read that and that’s what I had understood but was seeing a different outcome on my end. I just re-tested using an incognito window on my browser and it’s working as I want it.


Hi @Lynn_Currie,
That’s great! I hope your issue is solved!

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