Client facing schedule/timeline

Hi - I am currently setting up all of our projects within Asana and have happily got internal views of our schedules however I would like to produce a simplified version for the client. It only needs to show some of the tasks (so I would need a new tag or field) so I accept it will require some inputs but I cannot work out how to either export the calendar or edit what is show on screen so I can do a simple screen shot.
Can anyone help please as this is a vital function for me? Thanks!

The calendar is quite inflexible and you basically already know what is possible within Asana. For a better format, I would suggest doing a Google export, and setting up your own permanent custom calendar on a Google sheet, using the export as raw data for it.

Alternatively, do an Advanced Search and display it as calendar format.

Hi @Naomi_Watson Have a look at the Asana2Go plugin that might be able to help you easily display something for your Clients.
It has been developed by community member @lpb



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Thanks, @Jason_Woods, and hi, @Naomi_Watson,

Depending on the format of the output you’re looking for, you might find a solution with Asana2Go (more info at Asana2Go: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly (Free for most users/companies)). There are 20 or so standard formats to try out, and you can create any custom format you desire with Asana2Go too.

But if you’re looking for a pure calendar format, I like @Stephanie_Oberg’s solution with a saved Advanced Search report saved in Calendar view.