Clicking on Attached Images Takes to New AWS Window



Hi there!

So, whenever I click on an attached image, it takes me to the link where the image is hosted. The problems for me are:

  1. When I download the image, I need to add .PNG / .JPG extension manually, before saving it, else it shows an error when I upload it to Photoshop. If I don’t add the extension (which, btw, was the original image format), the image downloads as a web file .webp / .htm, and doesn’t open on most image viewers. I’m unsure why the image format would change between upload and downloading of it.

  2. On one of the “organizations” I’m a part of, on clicking the image attacdhed, I get the black “download” page inside Asana itself. From where, if I click on the “Download” button, it takes me to the above mentioned link. While, on other organization I work for, the black “download page” never appears and takes me straight to aws. I think, ideally, I’ll want to stay in Asana, get the black “download page”, and clicking on “download” should just download the image rather than taking me to aws to save it manually.

As a side note :slight_smile: Also, one of the organizations I’m a part of is getting new “editing” features inside the description with cool new bold, italics, bullets, and stuff. While the other organization doesn’t. Is it possible for you to activate it for the other one, too?



Hi Rish,
Thanks for your feedback! I’ve moved it to our #productfeedback category.

Regarding the question of “activating” Asana features and what you’re seeing differently between orgs - I’m guessing that the org is seeing something as part of a beta or a test. We aren’t able to turn specific features on in these circumstances, but it’s great to know this is something that interests you!


Thanks, Alexis!

Yeah! Editor inside the description box is one of the many things I’d love to have!

And, look forward to the “download” attachment thing getting fixed.