Clear obsolete assignee names from suggestions

I used to work for a project A in my company. I left the project 2 months ago. I’m now using Asana for individual task management. Each time I try to assign a task to myself I’m seeing people I don’t work with anymore in mention-dropdowns. That’s on a business plan.

I’m using Asana privately for home tasks. Me and my spouse are the only people using these home projects. No teams, no organization, just a free plan. Now, I’m seeing suggestions to @mention people I haven’t worked with for past 7-8 YEARS. WTF?

Can you please help me CLEAN these suggestions as this is really distracting, these people popup each time I try to assign a task for clarity…

I had the same issue with Google Calendar and unwanted event invitees, but there it’s enough to clear all the caches, cookies, local storage and active sessions.

This is a bug.

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Hi @Cyryl_Kwasniewski, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! It sounds like you removed these users from your team but not from your Organisation. This is a common question in the forum, and you can find the steps to resolve it here: Delete old ASSIGNEE names from drop down menus