Chrome extension to show a project or view in New Tab

I think a great feature would be having the Chrome extension to be customizable. The current extension works as a regular and common add task extension.
It would be great to have something like Taskade does.
Taskade’s extension allows users to customize what they want to show when they open a Chrome tab. It would be great if once we open a New Tab, a view or particular project could be shown.
For example, I would love to see my Asana calendar when I open a New Tab.

Hi @Denisse

Just to clarify are you referring to Asana Chrome extension: quick-add tasks • Asana? This extension allows to create tasks in Asana from your browser, but it does not aim to open new tabs. Can you clarify what you meant there? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I am referring to that extension. Is there another one I am not aware of?
When I install the extension in my browser, I would like it to change the way my New Tab looks. I could choose if I want it to redirect the new tab to a project or calendar view. So, everytime I open a New Tab, whatever I choose to see from Asana will show. I think having this will boost many users’ productivity :heart:.

It is better if I show you what I mean by showing you Taskade’s video: Breaking Down Taskade's Browser Extension and Web Clipper for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. - YouTube


Hi @Denisse,

I think it’s simpler and easier if we just use another Chrome extension to customize new tabs. I haven’t tried it myself but I found this: New Tab Redirect - Chrome Web Store
Does it meet your expectation?

From the points mentioned in Taskade’s video, we can’t really set to open the “last visited Asana page” but we can at least open Home tab of last visited Asana workspace/organization by opening