📏 Check your free account against the 1000 tasks limit


There were reports of users saying they saw a banner on their free account about a 1000 tasks limit per team. So I decided to quickly build a tool to help users understand how many tasks they had per team compared to that limit.

I adapted my Overview tool so that each team has a button “Count tasks” to count tasks your user has access to and display the value.

PS: this is still in beta, no one except me has tested it so far
PS2: please keep discussions about the limitation itself in dedicated threads :pray:

Does it help?

:rotating_light: False alarm: you need a Premium account (at least) to use the search function my code uses. So the tool does not work for free accounts.

@Bastien_Siebman saves the day! I assume you are counting tasks in archived projects as well? Tool works well enough for a quick indicator! Nice work!

Do you think users might ask for breakout counts by project? Perhaps some are in a position where a particular project that isn’t needed any longer is putting the team over the limit.

What about increasing the counter to shown up to 2,000 tasks per team? Knowing they are more than 1,000 is great but I suspect some would like to know if it’s 1,012 or 1,987. Know what I mean?

I believe the code is counting any tasks the user has access to. I did not run all the possible tests, I will!

That would require a more complex code, I don’t plan on doing it yet.

Good point, just increased to 2000 and deploying.

The tool counts incomplete and completed tasks, inside projects and archived projects.

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I don’t blame you and I’m sure it is quite a bit more work. I think what you’ve done provides a great deal of initial visibility. At the end of the day, I think it’s the shear count that matters most. Regardless of where the counts come from, at a certain point the user should look at how much is in the system and plan to secure their investment through a paid plan as the value is likely already seen, IMO.

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I’m under the impression you’d need a premium account before being able to use the tool?

Clicking the Count button shows a loader and won’t switch to showing any data.

Web inspector Network tab shows a request to asana with response code 402 and message:
{"errors":[{"message":"Search is only available to premium users.","help":"For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: https://asana.com/developers/documentation/getting-started/errors"}]}

So basically you’d need a premium account in order to determine whether you need a premium account? :no_mouth:

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So, soon as you reach 1,000 tasks your account stops? Correct? An you have to start paying

You do need a Premium account, that is my facepalm/fail of 2021 :man_facepalming: Sorry guys, I’ll have to find another way.


HI @John_McCarthy1 ,

Let me clarify :slight_smile: We’re currently running an A/B test through Feb 22. As a result, some users on Asana Basic may find that there is a limit to how many tasks they can create in a specific team. If you hit this limit, to continue using Basic Asana simply create a new team . You will also have the option to upgrade to one of our paid plans to take full advantage of Asana.


Thanks @Marie for this explanation.
One more questione: is it possible to recover some tasks availability by deleting (if allowed) old completed tasks?

Yes of course @Matteo_Colli :+1:t3:


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@Marie feel free to close this thread and redirect to a more suitable thread (I did not mean to side track the discussion around the limitation, just try to share a tool to help)

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