Chat notifications

Hi all

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to use Asana (alongside the usual stuff) as our chat platform too; is there a way to get notified in real time for direct messages, but not all the usual task updates/@mentions etc?


Hello @Matt_Fripp

great topic and I‘d say YES.

Did you have a look into the Asana messaging feature already: Messaging • Asana

When using chats platforms such as Skype or even Whatsapp I have noticed in our team that we have to be careful not to overuse this as often key info is then missing in Asana + constant chat pings are super disturbing (We always tell our team members to disable them to have focus times to work on their tasks but well not everybody akways does this so a lot of time is wasted due to constant interruptions)
Note that Slack has an Asana integration.

My strategy to get people use Asana messaging a lot more is that I‘d respond much slower on chats and a lot faster via Asana.

  • in the end for a lot of situations my team members also understood why it is so much better to discuss specific things directly in Asana because it would be a lot more efficient for them too.

Now surely chat is definitely still needed at times for various things (I’d say it also depends what your work is all about) but can definitely be decreased a lot.


One thing i do that helps mend this issue is linking the Asana desktop notifications with windows. Then adjust the settings in Asana for however i want to be notified. That way i dont have to worry if the Inbox turns yellow from a task or a message. Just need to pay attention to the pop up, works in the windows notifications sidebar.