Charts for specific tasks across multiple projects

I need to create charts that can report on specific tasks across multiple projects. For example, if we use template A for 3 different projects, I need to be able to have a chart that shows metrics (total time, actual time) of parent task X across all 3 projects. Same idea for section Z across all 3 projects.

Hi @Yuri_Tsao ,

Could you clarify your use case a bit? I’m not sure what specifically you’re trying to segment by (in your example, you reference a project [ or task?] template, parent task [presumably distinguished from subtasks], and section).

You could presumably use a custom single- or multi-select field that gets automatically set via a combo of project/task templates, rules, and bundles to accomplish this (or a facsimile) today, but it’s hard to confirm that without some context.

template = project template
parent task = parent task, not subtask
section = section in project

I need to create a chart that shows total time for the same-named task across multiple projects (all created from the same project template, hence have the same parent tasks and subtasks), however I don’t see any options when creating a chart to choose a specific task. Same applies for all tasks in a same-named section (created from project template, so they all have the same project sections).

X-axis = task name
Y-axis = time
filter = specific projects or all projects created from same project template

@Yuri_Tsao - assuming these things are static and project owners don’t alter the structure, you could create a global custom single-select field called “Task Name” (or something like that), pre-set that in the project template for each top-level task (assuming there aren’t a ton of top-level tasks; if there are, I don’t imagine this type of reporting would be especially helpful), and then use that as the x-axis for your report. Similarly, for the section, you could create a “Section” single-select (I do this in my org for this specific purpose as well) that gets pre-set in the template.

If your projects are dynamic and have many tasks added to them during their life cycle, you’ll want to consider either using task templates or rules (possibly in conjunction with bundles) to make sure those fields are getting properly set without manual intervention.