Chart that Shows Team Resources

Is there a report or (ideally) a chart that show what team is assigned to each project, as one report.

My goal is to show what resources each project has.

A an example - The website project has a developer, a designer, a team lead.

hope that makes sense.

Thank you.

I realized I misasked this -

Is there a report or (ideally) a chart that show what team is assigned to each TEAM, as one report.

Hi @Amanda_Holt2, thanks for reaching out!

Just to make sure I understood your request. Would you like to create a report to see which members are part of each team?

Looking forward to your reply

Sorry, I cannot upload an attachment for you to see.

Graphically, I would like to display what team members are in each project like a timeline chart.

Hey there,
Just circling back here. Is there a way to create a visual report for the people assigned to a Project Team? I used a milestone to show you want I am trying to create.

I have a project , I want to display the owner and all of the people that are also Assigned as a resource to the team.

Thank you.


@Bastien_Siebman’s tool provides most of this in a fixed output style.

If you need a more custom output style (or CSV) you could do this with my free-to-most Asana2Go with a custom report.

Neither will show the role of the project members (like Developer, Designer) other than Project Owner.

Hope one of those might help,


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Hi there Ipb,

You always have such great answers. I don’t think this will help - so I think I can “rig” this using fields.

I am in portfolios… on the projects visualization.

Can that lay out be edited to remove status?

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Thanks for the nice comment, @Amanda_Holt2!

You can’t remove the Status column in the Portfolios > Projects tab.

My answers were an attempt to use the existing project members and project owners info, but I’m sensing that’s not the right approach.

What I like to use for this kind of thing is what Asana calls “AORs” (Areas of Responsibility). Theirs are company wide, but you can adapt it for any purpose. Here’s one way:

Each task is the role (task title) and person (assignee). Your roles would be something like Developer, Designer, Team Lead.

These role rows are grouped into departments in my example (Custom Field “Dept”). You would use a custom field called Project perhaps. The view here is grouped by Dept, but you could instead change the view to be grouped by Assignee if you want to see it that way, perhaps to see who has multiple roles. You don’t have to use a Custom Field which is more effort; instead you can just use Sections–easier but less flexible.

Hope that helps,



So i create a whole new project team
Each section is a marketing vertical
Each task is the name of the resource and the Assignee is the actual person


I knew it could faked.