Changing the design of Fields


I’ve created a custom field called Categories. While in the List view, I didnt notice. But when I change to Board View… the Priority and Categorie Field become indistingushable.

So I wonder, is there an option to change the design beyond the color? Like having one field round, another one rectangle, one color filled, one just color outline…

I didnt find anything like that. Thanks a lot.


Hi @anon1232896 , no you cannot currently chamge the appearance in that sense but you could try the following:

  • Use a unique emoji as a prefix to your options (and potentially removing the colour, setting all options to light grey). This will surely make them distinguishable!

  • Use the new ‘Group by’ feature in Board view for your Categories or Priority fields. You will find this next to the Filter, Sort, Hide buttons along the top.