Ability to chose "color scheme" or no color for new custom field

I had created a number of new custom fields today and had to manually turn off the color for many of them (since the coloring wasn’t relevant to a department, date, etc). when I had the idea that it would be great to be able to choose from a set of color schemes or themes when initiating a new custom field. For example, you could choose “No color” and then the new fields wouldn’t auto-populate with a color and you could skip the manual work of having to change the color to white. Or you could have “priority theme” and there would be the normal color coded priorities - red, orange, yellow. Maybe a status scheme - green, yellow, red, grey. You could even choose just a “blue theme” or “purple them”. Just some ideas that I think could really be developed on further. This would definitely cut out some of the manual work and aid in helping saving our poor wrists from even more carpal tunnel symptoms. :woman_shrugging:

Very good idea @Chandler_Ferguson! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I’ll keep you updated if we have any plans to launch something similar in the future.

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Would love to have this as well. Especially to be able to have no colour by default.

Oh yes! Especially for fields that have a lot of options this can take quite some time to remove the colour.

Yes please!! I want to be able to “highlight” some of my custom text fields in order to color code with existing colored fields. Please put this back in the queue!