Changing Ownership of Custom Fields

How can we change the ownership of custom field on Asana and transfer the ownership to other person so that they can edit the field too

how to change ownership of fields from one member to another?

Hey @ashrafjavaid24,

there is no real custom field ownership. As long as they added the custom field to the organization library and you are a paid user (not guest) you can edit them as well: Custom Fields • Asana

@Andrea_Mayer The issue is when I am trying to edit the field owned by someone else then it is not allowing me to edit, instead it is only giving me the option to copy that field but I don’t want to copy it, I want to edit the existing field. How can I edit the same field then ? Is there anyway to change the owner of the custom field?

Have a look here: Custom Fields • Asana do you have the full permission to allow you to edit the field? @ashrafjavaid24

Or in case you are on Asana business maybe somebody has locked the field: Custom Fields • Asana

Hello @ashrafjavaid24
You have ask creator of this custom field to turn off “Only you can edit this field’s settings” on custom fields settings. Then you can edit it. As @Andrea_Mayer said - it will work only if you are member of the organisation.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 13.08.36

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Ok @Charlie_Pilch
Let me try as this seems to be the good option. Thanks

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@Andrea_Mayer I think you are right this time we have to remove the check from “Only you can edit this field setting” checkbox and then I might be able to edit field owned by other person. Thanks

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@Charlie_Pilch @Andrea_Mayer if I remove check from “Only I can edit this field settings” checkbox then the problem is that any member using my organization’s domain can edit the field at any time which I do not want and that is why changing the ownership of field is important for me.
Please let me know if there is any way i can change ownership of the custom field?

Hey @ashrafjavaid24 what if you edit the field and then lock it again?
Currently there is no way to change the ownership only the functions as per the links sent above

@Andrea_Mayer I’ve just tested it and it works as we thought - it is like changing ownership.

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Okay great @Charlie_Pilch

Sure, here you have it:

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  • Creator → edit custom field → uncheck “only I…”
  • You - > edit custom field → check “only I…”,

@Charlie_Pilch @Andrea_Mayer oh ok so now I get it. Done. My issue is resolved now. Many Thanks for helping out :slight_smile: Appreciated

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