Changing calendar entry colors by tag

How do I make sure my board task shows up on my calendar in the right color? Right now, they show up by tag, which is fine, but why sometimes is the calendar entry of the task in the first tag’s color and why sometimes is it in the second tag’s color.

Even when I delete both tags and enter the tag for the color I want the calendar entry to be, it uses the second tag as the color. Sometimes it’s the first tag’s color.


Hi @Josh_Dreller :wave:t3: When you add multiple tags to a task, the dominant color shown on the Calendar will always be the color of oldest tag created. It is not the order in which the tags were added to the task. So, for example, if you create three tags in the following order: TAG A (Green), TAG B (YELLOW) and TAG C (Red) and then add then add TAG C first, TAG B second and TAG A third to the task, green will still be the dominant color of the task on your Calendar because TAG A was the first tag created of the three.

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Is there any way to override that? Seems dysfunctional.


Any additional information here?
Thank you

Any update?

Thank you in advance