Change Subtasks en masse retrospectively

I’ve had a look though but can’t find anything similar to this.

We have a list of subtasks that auto update when tasks are added to a project and multiple tasks live at once.

Is there a way that we can retrospectively change the subtasks on all the tasks already live? I know we can change the rules to update the new ones added, but wondered about the ones already created?

Hello @Julia_Attwell, can you please elaborate on what changes exactly you would like to make?
Some changes can be done in bulk in the list view for example by selecting more tasks at once (Update due date, task collaborator etc)

Hi Andrea

We would be wanting to delete a subtask or possibly change codes on them etc?


Okay I see.

So if all these subtasks have some condition by which they can be found easily via advanced search that can be an option.

Otherwise the project list view:
Bulk select relevant tasks and then you have various options such as deleting or changing a custom field value