Change profile name going forward only


Is it possible to change the profile name associated with a team member’s email address but not have it change the name associated with comments made in the past? For example, if a new hire is taking over our “orders” email address, I don’t want that person’s name associated with all of the comments made by the person who used to be in charge of our "orders: email address. I hope that makes sense. Thank you!


Hi @Christine_Murphy. When new hires take over a role on a team, we often recommend that people use an admin feature called deprovisioning. Deprovisioning allows you to assign a former employee’s tasks to a new employee - all old tasks stay in tact. While the profile name change would be reflected in past comments, deprovisioning would give you a fresh start. Take a look at deprovisioning here - - and feel free to ask us follow up questions.