Change Custom Field Name for Instagantt?

For months, we’ve been using a custom field called “Est. Hours”, for entering the amount of time in hours a given task is estimated to take.

However, we’ve now discovered Instagantt, and its ability to assess workloads assigned to individuals. That is great, but it requires the custom field be precisely called “Estimated Hours”.

If we were to simply rename “Est. Hours” to “Estimated Hours”, would the data we’ve already entered into the custom field “Est. Hours” remain once the field’s been renamed?

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Hi @dean.clough,

Renaming your custom field “Est. Hours” to “Estimated Hours” will not impact the data in that custom field. The data will remain as it is.

Please note that renaming the custom field will affect all projects and portfolios using the custom field and not only the project you choose to edit the custom field.

Hope this helps!


Thank you - that’s good news.