Change account owner from person to company

Hi, I’ve been using a personal, free Asana account and I’m considering a pro plan for a company. Is it possible for me to transfer the ownership from my own email to my company email? How should I do this?

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You can simply add your company email as per these steps:

And then you can upgrade a team, workspace or organization following these steps: Upgrade & billing options | Product guide • Asana

Now in case you want to move tasks from one organization or workspace to another you can use the third-party integration Kothar

I hope that helps

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Thanks for responding. I would also need the billing be to the company, not me personally. Would that be available with the steps you linked to?

Yes when you upgrade your workspace/organization you should be able to add the billing details directly. Now make sure you upgrade the workspace/organization under the company domain not your personal space.

You can select that when you click in the top right on your profile pic then all organizations show

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